Track: Lily Konigsberg – Sweat Forever

After announcing her debut solo album, ‘Lily We Need To Talk Now’ which is due 29th October via Wharf Cat. Konigsberg has shared the second track off the album – ‘Sweat Forever’

“‘Sweat Forever’ was the first song successfully recorded for the album,” Konigsberg explains. “It’s mostly about the bad part of going through a huge change in your life and the confusion surrounding that. But now I’m in the good part, so there’s something to celebrate. Sweat on brother!”

Sounding all 90’s with the sweet vocals strummed acoustic and noticeable bass. Strings decorate the second verse over the continuous drum beat backing up with Konigsberg’s summery vocals in contrast to the dark lyrics. A voice to fall in love with as the gorgeous tracks keep coming.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Konigsberg’s Bandcamp or Twitter

Pre order the album here

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