TRACK: Magick Mountain – ‘Infinity X2’: a garage-punk rush outta Leeds

LEEDS’ psychedelic scuzz-rock power trio Magick Mountain have been around the block a bit to get to a place of infinity times two.

Singer Lins Wilson has found the ideal three-piece environment in which to let that red hair flail and make that garage guitar fuzz and howl. She’s served her time on the Leeds circuit, including with cult Loiner legends Grammatics and Mother Vulpine; now she’s in for the kill alongside Tom Hudson, ex-Pulled Apart By Horses; and Nestor Matthews, of  Menace Beach.

They’re out to bring a little a lot of sleazy guitar power to yo head; they’ve just shared their second single, “Infinity X2”, which’ll get the motors runnin’ out there on the highway, filled as it is with Lins’ punchy reverb utterances, trashpunk chord rushes, rawk n roll for a drag race on the strip. Listen on our embed, below.

It follows their last single, “King Cobra” in enticing you into their world ready for their debut album Weird Feelings, which is out October 23rd.  The band themselves describe “Infinity X2” as “a psychedelic punk love song; a direct nod to the idea of being so close to someone that worlds, thoughts and imagined futures merge together.” See, they are softies beneath that squallin’ sonic attack …

The band promise that Weird Feelings brims with “fantastical worlds, ancient mythology and mystical metaphors” and is “a kind of bastardisation of tales and beliefs, blending together past, present and future.”

They let the writing unfold over a year and a half, unhurriedly; yet made sure they captured the energy of a trio who, frankly, can belt ‘em out, Lins and Tom’s voice marrying atop the fuzz rush. 

And with tracks on the album with titles like “Bart Cobain” and “The Shitty Beatles”, be in no doubt that although they’re very much steppin’ out from a classic garage-rawk lineage, they ain’t afraid to rev up a cloud of exhaust fumes in the faces of the past either.

Find yourselves Magick Mountain on Facebook Instagram, Spotify and Twitter.

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