Track: Mush – Operation Vaken, plus EP news

Leeds quartet Mush have announced their debut EP Induction Party is due out on May 31st via Memphis Industries. From it, the band have shared a new single, Operation Vaken.

In this day an age of the bland, and a reticence to cause a scene or possibly alienate some potential listeners, it’s nice to see a band release an overtly political record – the target of which is Theresa May, or at least the then home secretaries implementation (admittedly only as a pilot) of said Operation Vaken, designed to shame/worry illegal immigrants to leave the country, or face arrest. The bands Dan Hyndman says “It’s probably the more directly political track on the record. It’s also the weirdest, musically. One of the interesting things about “Operation Vaken” is the name itself, which has various connotations relating to the Third Reich. Very strange name for a British operation, not that I’m a conspiracy theorist or owt.”

The track itself is this gloriously odd slice of art pop, just about as angular a sounding track as could be imagined, with lines extended with sudden bursts of riff, but somehow still providing a platform for dancing, albeit this weird, explosive, shifting, twirling, dancing. Like the imagined soundtrack to the paralytic as they stumble from wall to bin to lamp post. Throw in this breakdown in just about all communications that occurs in the middle and you’ve got this little bit of baffling brilliance.

Check it out, here

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