Track: Pozi – Detainer Man

London band Pozi have shared another track from their upcoming EP Typing. Titled ‘Detainer Man’, the track is written from the point of view of a brainwashed police officer programmed to inflict abuse to uphold the status quo.

The band comments:

“This song is written from the perspective of a brainwashed police officer, preprogrammed to inflict abuse upon a person not conforming to the system. Robotic self orders instruct the officer to detain people.”

Angular punk verging on electronic mash of bass and vocals with some discordant lyrics that gives a perfect representation of the brainwashing. Always a band to surprise and sounding like no one else, Pozi have delighted once again with their unique brand of music.

Check it out, here

Find our more via the bands Facebook or Bandcamp

Order the EP here

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