Feature: Darker Sound – Helltrash

Helltrash is the scuzzy and sleazy industrial metal project of Vlixx Vaden. Whilst Vlixx is joined by several others for liveshows, Helltrash is in essence Vlixx (in the same way NIN is Trent Reznor). Blending chunky chugging riffs with pulsating synth beats, samples and Vlixx’s intense filtered vocals. Helltrash are a musical tour de digitalfistforce.

 Classic Helltrash anthem ‘I am the enemy’ featured on the ‘Enemy Epidemic’ EP is the template for their sound. A full tilt stomping rhythm featuring sharp guitar riffs, bleeping electronics and well utilised samples (in this case from American History X) with Vaden’s full throated vocals. Another highlight being a team up with Combichrist on ‘Hate and booze’. ‘Cannibal’ taken from their ‘Cannibullshit’ EP takes this core sound and makes everything bigger, dropping the stomping pace and featuring denser heavier riffs. Both were later combined and re-issued as ‘A Digital Fist’.

 Follow up release ‘Boss Fight’ alongside the stomp of ‘Gimme suicide’ packs some impressive surprises like a punishing take on The Stooges’ ‘I wanna be your dog’ and ‘My Reflection’ which dials down the intensity a notch and features some sweeping synth melody.

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