Track: Richard’s Orchestra – Amazing Sunrise

In the midst of the rather oppressive age of isolation, Italian band Richard’s Orchestra have released a single that is infused with a sense of bucolic joy – fitting given the band comes from the gorgeous area of Reggio Emilia.

‘Amazing Sunrise’ is a trippy, psychedelic song, seemingly born out of the sixties, haunting and yearning. It creeps up on you as it builds up – easy, smooth and under a pillow of clouds and haze. ‘Amazing Sunrise’ is easy listening but without the connotations that description might bring: something medicinal for our times:

Admittedly slightly different from the fare I normally bring to the table, but it is a very catchy and soothing panacea.

The single is off the band’s debut album “Nothing Nothing”,
out today on Seahorse Recordings.

The band’s singer, Ivan ‘King’ Torelli, recounts how the name of the band was created:

(I)… used to sit down with friends for a “cerveza” at a place called El Rincon de Richard.
Richard, the owner, was an old guy with a huge belly, always busy drinking beer and smoking fags, except when he disappeared in the kitchen to be back, heavily sweating, with an enormous pan full of hot paella for his guests, served in so generous portions that nobody ever managed to clean a dish. The legendary past of this kind of outcast, rumoured to have been a terrorist in his young age, became the subject for many stories, and the visionary inspiration for the band’s name.

Richard’s Orchestra are:
Ivan “King” Torelli, Alessandro Corradi, Enrico Torreggiani, Dan Cavalca, Alessandro Bertolotti.

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