Track: SILT unveil the cool indie pop of ‘I Always Need A Break’

With a delicious interplay between rippling synths and razor sharp guitars, Melbourne-based band SILT‘s new track ‘I Always Need A Break’ is a singular delight. There is a smooth laid-back tone that reveals yearning, vulnerable lyrics. Singer Jess Polain says of the track:

Some people just have a way of making you feel small and quiet. When I find myself lost for words when it comes to expressing or standing up for myself in the moment, there is always a level of discontentment and frustration right under the surface. So this song is really cathartic in that way!

The result is something that marries the delicate, vulnerable vocals with a measured and crystalline instrumentation and delivers pure pop sensibility in the process. File somewhere between The Sundays and The Cranberries in the indie pop section:

You can download/stream the track here. SILT will be releasing their debut EP later this year.

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