Track: Sister Envy Shine On The Psychedelic Builder ‘Mourning Sickness’

Welsh psychedelic rockers Sister Envy make their debut with the hypnotic new single ‘Mourning Sickness.’

Opening with a swelling synth that quickly sets the tone for the bright, picked guitar riff which enters, the track very quickly captures a psychedelic tone tinted with a Britpop-esque edge. Topped with a vocal somewhere between Kurt Cobain, Richard Ashcroft, and Ian Brown, the track is pulled forward with a driving sense of suspense as acoustic guitar and subtle swells of atmospherics gradually build towards a sudden stop.

Continuing it’s gradual build through the pre-chorus with a lightly strummed guitar, the track soon bursts into life as drums enter under a wash of Johnny Greenwood-esque distorted guitar lines, and the sneering lead vocals offer a tantalizing, and effortlessly catchy melody.

Dropping down again before building to a climactic final chorus and sprawling final instrumental, the track’s murky, haunting yet ethereal sound ends in a fittingly transportive swell of delay loops.

Working alongside esteemed Welsh producers Owain Ginsberg and Scott Marsden, recorded at the legendary Motor Museum Studio in Liverpool, and mixed by the revered Owain Ginsberg himself, ‘Mourning Sickness’ is a strikingly complete and authentic piece of work, offering a lot of promise for what is to come as this strikingly unique quartet continue to develop.

Listen below:

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