EP: Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music Bonus Tracks

If you got into Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes stellar album ‘What Kinda Music’ released in April this year, then here’s something to help you through the winter wilderness. Blue Note have just released bonus tracks from the album sessions , available via the usual digital suspects or cannily stitched onto a new deluxe vinyl re-issue of the LP.
Over the new EP’s brief 8 minutes, Tom’s soulfully sharp guitar and Yussef’s loose percussive drumming stir up a heady nu-jazz cocktail- it’s a perfect snapshot of the Misch/Dayes exceptional musical chemistry. There’s the bump and grind of ‘Can You Feel It’, a deep crunching slab of low-rider funk with a rich Brothers Johnson guitar melody reaching over the top. ‘Saddle’ is all post rock beauty that scales up from careful tingling guitar to a soaring Floydian climax, while Dayes’ otherworldly clicks, taps and timbres make perfect rhythmic sense. ‘Tidal Wave outro’ brings a snatch of bright nu-soul while the final track ‘Seagulls’ surges with guitar harmonics and drumming that somehow sings.
So whether you are a completist or just curious you won’t be disappointed when you hear these bonus tracks. ‘The ‘new’ tunes draw on the same ingredients, jazz dynamics, hip hop freedoms, polished electronica and pop song discipline, as the original ‘What Kinda Music’ set. So until the next full instalment from the Tom Misch/Yussef Dayes partnership their release is a tasty top up.

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