Track: Soft Science – Undone/I Don’t Know Why I Love You (The House of Love)

Californian shoegaze band Soft Science are releasing a double A side single on 16 April and it is a dream pop/shoegaze delight.

First song, ‘Undone’ has intricate, layered dreamy pop vocals with a distinctive instrumentation that recalls My Bloody Valentine with the volume turned down. The song is a gorgeous, lush wall of sound, mesmerising and hypnotic. Soft Science vocalist Katie Haley says “Undone’ is essentially about loving someone through good times and bad. It is about accepting that although there will always be hard times in life, it makes things easier to go through tough days with people you love. For me, those times make me love them more. That unwavering love can be like a light”.

The second track is a cover of The House of Love’s classic song ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’. It is a brave band that takes on something so iconic, but Soft Science manage it with aplomb: giving the song a new lease of life with female vocals and lush instrumentation, reminding you about the power of the original song itself without destroying its memory:

This is an ear-pleasing combination of pretty songs, infused with melody and chiming instruments. You can pre-order the songs here.

Soft Science are Katie Haley on vocals, Matt Levine on guitar, Mason DeMusey on bass and Ross Levine on drums and backing vocals. The singles are off a full album to be called ‘Maps’ due later in the year.

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