Track: Steve Conte – Overnight Smash

Anja van Ast

New York City guitarist, singer and songwriter Steve Conte has released the next single “Overnight Smash,” taken off his first solo album in five years, due 5th November on Wicked Cool Records.

Steve says, 

“Overnight Smash is about professional jealousy. Once somebody starts ‘Getting Somewhere’ in their career, there is always that crowd that, for whatever reason, got left behind in the dust. And then they like to shit-talk about ya.”

A great American rock track with rolling drums and huge chords. A trickle of guitar licks as the track steps the beat up for the the anthemic chorus. Some guys just can’t help but right great songs. Conte is one of them.

Check it out, here

Find out more via conte’s Website or Facebook

Pre order the album here

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