Track: The Fabulous Red Diesel Shine On Swaying, Emotive New Single ‘Symmetry’

Jazz quartet The Fabulous Red Diesel share the sway, emotive and beautiful new single ‘Symmetry’ taken from their upcoming album Goddess The Seahorse.

A delicate, woozy soundscape of swaying, gentle played drums, bouncing double bass, subtle e-bow guitar and warming piano, ‘Symmetry’ creates a pillowy bed for Kat Lee-Ryan’s effortlessly compelling and heartfelt lead vocals. Personal and emotive, the track moves through it’s gently sculpted verses towards an infectiously catchy chorus as Kat delivers biting and resilient lyricism before the track settles into a subtle piano-led instrumental break.

Closing with a climactic final chorus in which the soaring lead vocals shine brightest – intense, melancholic, moving but also carrying a lot of venomous, restless, irrepressible energy.

Speaking about the singles lyrical content, Kat Lee-Ryan shares: “Symmetry is a defiant imaginary conversation with my long dead father. It’s very much a ‘black sheep of the family’ story, but with a twist, as the black sheep realises how awesome it is to be a black sheep after all.

’I won’t be ignored, I won’t be denied, I am not invisible and I’m not gonna hide. I am not your dirty little secret and you cannot make me wrong’

Family skeletons, throwing money at a problem to make it go away, and the legacy that leaves for the fully grown adult to unpick.”

A brilliant track offering an exciting look at the upcoming album. Listen below:

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