Track: The Psychedelic Furs – You’ll Be Mine

If you are like me, the very sound of The Psychedelic Furs‘s singer Richard Butler’s voice increases the pulse and sets free a wave of nostalgia. One of the coolest of the cool post punk new wave bands in the eighties, The Psychedelic Furs had such a distinctive sound and a way with melody and lyrics like no other band. And they in turn influenced so many bands that followed (including The Killers).Butler’s other work (both solo and as Love Spit Love) was just as magnificent.

Of course, the band is back – they have been touring the northern hemisphere over the last few years and they have just released a single – ‘You’ll Be Mine’ off their forthcoming album ‘Made of Rain’ due out on 1 May 2020.

And what a single. It has all the hallmarks of Butler’s iconic vocals and the Fur’s capacity to create new sounds and drama through the music with its alto sax and swirling soundscapes. ‘You’ll Be Mine’ is celestial, anthemic and exhilarating:

It’s like nothing has changed but everything has got better.

You can preorder the album and stream the single here or preorder various physical delights here. The band is due to play at the Royal Albert Hall on 14 May with Jah Wobble, but in this day and change there are no certainties.

The Furs are:

Richard Butler – Vocals / Tim Butler – Bass / Mars Williams – Saxophone / Paul Garisto Drums / Amanda Kramer – Keyboards / Rich Good – Guitar.

Feature Photograph: Matthew Reeves

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