“We needed a carefree release in these fucked up times,” say Jake One, talking of the release of the second Tuxedo album – his project with Mayer Hawthorne which drops via Stones Throw on April 17th. From it the pair have released a new single, 2nd time around, and its a dayglo slab of Cali boom-bap, analog synth bass and elegant disco. They’ve managed to pack in popping basslines, vocal harmonies, slithering synth lines and obligatory guitar noodling, and wrap it up in this undeniably irresistable (and funky) classic.

Its seems the feel-good factor stretches over the whole album. “The sound really clicked towards the end of recording the first album. This time around we just did it better,” says Mayer. “It’s like Empire Strikes Back where you already know the characters and you can get straight to the action.” They both insist Tuxedo is about having fun and dancing. In a world full of (apparently) fake news, and fake everything else, this is the real thing.

Listen here