Track/Video: Direct from Benin, Star Feminine Band beam out more authentic teen pop with new single ‘Le Mariage Forcé’ and soon come album ‘In Paris’.

If you didn’t catch onto the joyous West African pop of Star Feminine Band when their self-titled debut burst onto the scene a couple of years ago, then you really missed something. The all-girl, teenage group from Natitingou village Benin, make music forged in friendship, sparkling with youthful energy and powered by commitment. Delivering upbeat songs with a punch, mixing highlife heat with the sweetest hooks but still managing to call for rights, empowerment and equality, this is a ‘girl band’ like no other.

Well now comes a second chance to get connected. Star Feminine Band have just released a new single ‘Le Mariage Forcé’, stridently speaking out against the practice of arranged marriage to a mix of bouncing jit-jive, keyboard colours and glistening harmonies. Infectious, fearless and telling it like it is (‘Forced marriage prevents our evolution, by making us slaves of the home’), it’s a song that you’ll want to listen to rather than just think you need to.

With a new album ‘Star Feminine Band In Paris’ to be released on 23rd September via Born Bad Records, there really should be no excuse for missing out on such perfect pop this time around.

Pre-order ‘Star Feminine Band In Paris’ from:

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