Track/Video: Eves Karydas Takes You On A Glowing ‘Sunday Drive’ – Full Of Euphoria, Wonder and Escapism

ARIA Platinum-certified songwriter Eves Karydas lifts the curtain on ‘Sunday Drive’, a welcome pivot to “indie-emo-yacht-rock” – produced by Jens Resch and Chris Zane.

‘Sunday Drive’ seamlessly blends elements of chillwave and nostalgia in the pop landscape, unfolding like a tapestry of warm piano and strings, layered with otherworldly, retro vocals that echo through an ethereal soundscape. The Tame Impala-styled rhythmic intricacies emphasise her soaring vocals, creating a sonic fusion that transports the listener into a dreamscape where time and emotion intertwine.

The release is paired with a vintage-glazed music video skillfully crafted by Zeitgeist Records Production. This visual masterpiece unfolds as Karydas gracefully dances against a breathtaking backdrop, seamlessly blending her movements with the atmosphere. As Karydas’ rhythmic expressions synchronise with the enchanting scenery, the video becomes a mesmerising dance of visuals, enhancing the immersive experience of the song.

Lyrically, for Eves, “Sunday Drive encapsulates the feeling of finding someone who grants you a sense of escapism, transcendence from real life. When you spend time with them you forget about the week you’ve just had, the emails in your inbox, the chores and bores of life. They take you someplace heavenly.”

On the heels of her metamorphosis, she continues,

“I’m very excited by this song; it represents a fresh direction for me. Jens Resch and I wrote it in Stockholm. Spending weeks jamming together in his basement studio was incredibly influential, shaping the overall direction of the entire record. Produced by Jens and Chris Zane who took the utmost care in bringing my vision to life. I half jokingly (but definitely somewhat seriously) refer to this new work as indie-emo-yacht-rock. It has very broad reaching influences that have come together in a way that really makes me feel something.”

‘Sunday Drive’ is available to stream / download – HERE.

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