Premiere: Japanese Television release surreal and enigmatic video for the mesmerising remix of ‘Moon Glider’ by International Teachers of Pop.

Earlier this month, psych rock band Japanese Television released an EP of remixes of their much lauded 2020 EP entitled ‘III‘. The band collaborated with UK producers James Lavelle’s UNKLE, Gabe Gurnsey, James Welsh, Space Age Freak Out, and International Teachers of Pop for the EP.

According to the band:

During lockdown we thought it would be cool to create a remix project with artists we admire. We love collaborating. It’s exciting to have them reimagine our tracks.

The first release from this remix EP is the track ‘Moon Glider’ – a spaced out sequenced electronic flow – hypnotic and dreamy waves of sound that morphs into a driving beat with a Kraftwerkian fizz and pop. The remix strips out the raw organic instrumentation of the original and gives it a spacesuit and sends it out into the universe.

The accompanying video follows a lonely figure dwarfed by a surreal landscape perfectly captures the alluring air of the melody. There’s a strange mix of organic and digital shapes that shifts and changes in time to the music:

‘Moon Glider’ is available on ‘III (Remix)’ through the link below. Working in a village hall deep in the wilds of the east British countryside, Japanese Television recorded live to an old 8 track machine with The Wytches’ Kristian Bell following the success of EPs I and II

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