Premiere: London’s bryden Shares Visuals For Vibrant Debut Single ‘Blood’

London newcomer bryden shares the new visual for the vibrant and infectious debut single ‘blood’. We’re very excited to be running the premiere!

Offering a unique musical approach, blending R&B tendencies with indie undertones, bryden’s already honed and strikingly complete sounding debut gives a taste of the up and comer’s multifaceted sound.

Opening with a wash of muted, swelling guitars under bryden’s silky, sultry vocal delivery ‘Blood’ quickly introduces the R&B influence clearly present through bryden’s sonic style. As the track grows towards it’s chorus, the light distortion on the lead vocals becomes apparent as live drums, tight bass and further, more biting guitar lines enter into the tracks intensely catchy chorus.

Giving the lyricism a witty horror visual aid with the new video, bryden builds on the edgier sides of the tracks production, contrasting well against the naturally commercial nature of the track.

The track is taken from the upcoming 3-track EP release  EP ‘The Rites’. Speaking about the upcoming EP bryden adds: “I initially wrote the songs on an acoustic guitar in my room and then built it up towards the proper ‘band sound’ I wanted with Oscar (producer) in the studio. We kept going back to the Beatles and the white album, imagining how we could distort and go crazy with the sounds while only using the technologies available at that time.”

Watch the new video below and keep an eye out for the upcoming EP:

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