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The Breakdown

What Girelli started with ‘Love Kills’, Girelli continues with another set of wonderful crafted gems all sealed with his perfect voice.

Coyle Girelli is an English singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has previously fronted the alternative rock bands Your Vegas and The Chevin. Based in Manhattan, New York for the last decade, he released a debut solo album entitled ‘Love Kills’ in late 2018. Funland is his second solo album to date.

In regard to the album title, he has previously explained that 

“‘Funland’ was a concept I had been kicking around before I started writing. A nighttime place of escape, debauchery, vice and pleasure. I wrote the songs while holed up in the woods in Vermont as the pandemic raged and the concept took on a whole new meaning as the New York City I was missing got entwined with this other mythical place that I had created in my mind and it became ‘Funland.’”

Title track ‘Funland’ is a wonderful introduction to Girelli and the album overall. A gorgeous jaunty acoustic and banjo combination with Girelli’s warmer vocals over the top. Its such an instantly likeable track and one that sets the flavour of the album.

As Girelli adds about the album: 

“it doesn’t take itself too seriously and some of the lyrics are quite tongue-in-cheek. Sonically, it sits in the world I usually end up in, which is quite rich, wide and bold.” 

‘Fun’ is the first of the four singles released from the album. An infectious melody thats gets right under your skin especially when his voice soars on the chorus. ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’ which is the final single released, has an upbeat swing feel to it.

In contrast next track is also one of the singles but is a gorgeous piano led tune. ‘From 7th Street With Love’ A beautiful simple tune where Gurelli’s soft vocals are the strength. Bringing the acoustic guitar back ‘Flake’ carries on the simplicity of ‘From 7th Street…’ It paints a vivid picture of city life and the need for a little flake.

The album steps up a notch as Girelli brings in electric guitar to add a little attitude to the album. ‘Here Comes My Baby’ is a cinematic gem that is pure Girelli with an infectious guitar twang and swooning melodies which is an absolute pleasure to listen too. Same with ‘Right Time’, which uses the guitar in much the same way. The country tinged ‘Modern Noir’ adding lap steel to its rolling banjo and mournful strings as it carries on the upbeat tempo.

The late night piano on ‘Midnight Flowers’ conjures up late night bars with Girelli crooning over lost love and giving his best vocal performance on the album. A captivating performance that I can only imagine how good this would sound performed live. After hitting us right in the heart it’s now time for breaking it with ‘When I Sleep I Leave The Window Open’. A song of longing and pain of missing, “Every night we meet if only in our dreams” Utter heart wrenching and sung with perfection.

Final track ‘Porno’ despite the title is a sweet lullaby thats returns the album right back to the beginning full of sweeping strings and graceful vocals full of emotion. It’s the gentle way that Girelli approaches his songwriting thats defines the album. The soft strings and delicate phrases that hide the poor in his voice or is broken by well placed guitar notes that accentuate the melodies.

What he started with ‘Love Kills’, Girelli continues with Funland. He has giving us another set of wonderfully crafted gems all sealed with his perfect voice. This is an album for mending a broken heart or to cry too or to put on and drift away. Either way it is an album that will stay with fans for a long time.

Check out the track Fun, below:

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