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The Breakdown

An album of working class humour and passion, Celtic charm and warm folk with the punk sensibility to deliver the punches when needed.

The mighty folk punk band Ferocious Dog have released their new album ‘The Hope’ via  Graphite Records. An album which is full of their unique Celtic brand of folk punk with heartfelt melodies and intelligent songs.

Regarding the album Ken Bonsall comments:

‘I’d say that Ferocious Dog are a different animal on the recording of the Hope album. I think that we have perfected our skills of producing a masterpiece of an album.  Maturity runs through this album from start to finish and attention to detail is evident in the production.We have released four great albums over the years of being a stand alone, unsigned band and we have pulled out all the stops having now signed to Graphite Records. This album ticks all the boxes.’

Dan Booth:

“This album has been like no other Ferocious Dog album. Covid inadvertently allowed us the time and creativity to not only write the album but to spend more time on recording it than we’ve ever had before. This, along with signing our first record deal with Graphite Records, has allowed “The Hope” to reach it’s full potential and we just can’t wait to release it to the world”

Cinematic album opener ‘Port Issac’ with the huge drum beats, creaking ship rigging sounds and mournful strings. A sea shanty track that flows straight into ‘Haul Away Joe’ and we get our first taste of electric punk. A infectious beat and humours lyrics, “If I did not kiss the girls my lips will all grow mouldy”

‘Victims’ built with some fabulous chord changes this track vibrates with tension and an urgent violin motif sounds amazing after the tracks break down and the band whip the song up into a manic folk stomp.

The band have always had the knack of writing heartfelt and this album features some of their very best. ‘Broken Soldier’ is a heartbreaker even with the upbeat drumming and quick strummed acoustic. The sing along chorus is guaranteed to have the full house singing along. The beautiful title track ‘The Hope’ with its gentle piano and softly strummed acoustic and a glorious chorus that just grows and grows as the tears fall with the violin enters. Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser with lighters held high.

As well as writing the emotional tracks the band aren’t shy to tackle social issues of the day also. ‘Sea Shepherd’ brings back the sea shanty vibe that opens the album and is all about the non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation and their ship Sea Shepherd.

Picking things up ‘Exiled Life (The Chase)’ is a driving track of powerful drumming and tasteful and perfectly played guitar. The album touches on historical events ‘Khatyn’ covers the Khatyn massacre of 1943 is all military drum rolls and swirling Russian styled folk violins as the track doubles in speed. ‘Pentrich rising’ The scratch of a violin acts as call to music lovers for this clever story with a cracking chorus to raise a fist too. A softer slowed down track ‘1914’, is a sweet and tender love song with ‘Dan Booth’ on lead vocals who was a more softer tenor than Ken Bonsall and suits this track well. 

The riotous folk returns with ‘Born Under Punches’ and the electric ‘Punk Police’ before we are treated to a jaunty violin punk track ‘Slayed The Traveller’ with quick infectious beat the band does so well as they tackle the often misunderstood Traveller communities.

‘Parting Glass’ is a classic Irish drinking tune complete with penny whistle but it is the gorgeous album closer ‘Will You’ that steals the show for me. The track features the deep tones of Hazel O’Connor who duets with Bonsall, and their voices match perfectly over melancholy piano and the magical tones of the violin.

An album of working class humour and passion, Celtic charm and warm folk with the punk sensibility to deliver the punches when needed. Full of heart warming and emotional tracks that tackle social injustices and modern day issues often overlooked. There’s no missing the beautiful violin work on this album though. From sorrowful heart wrenching passages to joyous foot stomping barn storm fiddling. It’s what holds everything together making these great tracks into masterpieces.

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