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Shirlaine Forrest

The Breakdown

An infectious foot stomping album to make everything alright

Having been a band for a couple of years now Ginger Wildheart And The Sinners have finally released their much anticipated debut album. Made up of tracks written by the band and honed on many a stage. Made up of Ginger, Neil Ivison, Nick Lyndon and Shane Dixon, the band have set about crafting some superb rock tracks and you can hear their love of the craft in every track.

Opening with the bouncy country infused love track ‘Wasted Time’ is a cracking song to kick things off and Ginger has never sounded better. There’s an infectious energy seeping out of this track that has a revitalised flavour to it.

The energy continues with punchy second track ‘That Smile’ with its addictive rhythms perfect guitar stabs superb group vocals and a smoking solo. ‘Lately, Always’ continues the brilliance with a soaring chorus that will stick with you for days. One of the best tracks on the album and I can’t wait to hear it live.

The album benefits from full band involvement such as Neil Ivison taking the lead vocals on the beautiful ‘Footprints In The Sand’. An ode to oneself for pulling yourself out of troubled times. ‘Dirty Water’ on the other hand is asking for help. The gruff vocals over the nifty guitar work and cheeky solo really nail the track.

‘Work In Progress’ introduces a female vocal belting out some of the lyrics along with Ginger. Tackling a troubled relationship with relationships being theme that runs through the album. ‘Not The Staying Kind’ is another take on a relationship breakdown. It sits in the same musical vein as it rolls along with snappy guitars before they crank up the amps and a blistering solo rips the track up.

Taking things down ‘Breakout’ is a glorious acoustic led sing along with those famous Wildheart vocals. Joined by the rest of the band the track gives a warm glow in music form. A nod to drummer Shame Dixon

The bluesy cover of The Georgia Satellites track ‘Six Years Gone’, epitomises the album’s guitar led infectious style that has your foot stomping all the way through. Just what happens when you put a bunch of competent musicians together and let them do what they do best.

The album ends with the humorous song about being on tour titled ‘Code Of The Road’. A boozy sing along that will have the full crowd joining in as the band swap lead vocals on the verses before the rousing chorus takes everyone with it.

This is an album that i’m not sure who has the most enjoyment, the band making it or us listening to it. Ginger has really hit on a secret formula here with the group of musicians he has surrounded himself with, and what they have produced is a solid collection of tracks that get better with each play. It seems to have reinvigorated Ginger, who has not sounded better.

Check out the bands track ‘Lately, Always’, below:

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