Album Review: King Of The Dead – The Summoning

The Breakdown

The band have gone to great lengths to create the music and concept for this EP. It's worth a listen for that alone, but just so happens that the music is so dazzling in it's creative brilliance that you need to listen to it anyway.

Horror rockers, King OF The Dead have released their new EP titled ‘The Summoning’, which is accompanied by a full comic book the band had created a Kickstarter to raise funds for. The comic will pick up where the lyric video for ‘With Love’ ends, find out the true story behind The Summoning.

With the EP, Kinf Od The Dead are revealing a story through a succession of songs, videos and updates from a mysterious masked individual, the Familiar. As described by the trio, he is the public face of the band – an individual that sits between worlds – the earthly realisation of secretive ancient forces.

The band are straight out the blocks with first track ‘Control’. Loud rampaging riff and thumbing drums introduce the band. The gang vocals on the chorus is something that the band use effectively to really let the choruses on these tracks standout.

‘Destroy My Name’ and ‘Running Out Of Time’ have some good old fashioned rock riffing with some fantastic fluid drumming. The former’s epic sounding chorus allows the track to stretch out and let the chords sing out. The stripped back middle eight sets the track up for the melodic guitar solo. ‘Running Out Of Time’ vocals on the verses sounding great over the palm muted guitar work.

Theres a touch of early 2000’s with second to last track – ‘Damned’ which is destined to be a great live favourite with its sing along chorus and pounding rhythms. Rhythms that continue with the final track ‘With Love’ that rocks the huge chords on the intro and the floating picked guitar verses.

Theres a good mixture of styles on this EP that blend together very well. The strained half shouted vocal style gives the tracks as sense of urgency that the music matches as they fly out of the speakers. There is a great sense of togetherness with this EP. They have banded together in their own world to create this music. Give the EP a couple of listens and the tracks unfold and you can’t help but be sucked into the infectious riffing and arena sized drumming. With songs like this, the band will sound amazing live.

Check out the bands track ‘With Love’, below:

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