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..a project that deserves to be experienced ouside of the theatrical performance..

PC Nackt is a multiple Grammy-nominated post-genre composer, performance artist, multi instrumentalist and producer from Berlin. Nackt is co-founder of various projects, including the electropunk band WARREN SUICIDE, the orchestra THE STRING THEORY, the recording studio CHEZ CHÉRIE and currently the band RAISON with Schorsch Kamerun, with whom he has been staging musical theatre at opera houses and theatres in Germanspeaking countries since 2015.

Nackt has composed for cinema (including Wim Wenders, Drake Doremus), TV and streaming platforms (including Netflix‘s „Dark“, „Breaking Bad“), theatre (including Sebastian Hartmann, Jossi Wieler) and orchestras (including the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra, Kharkiv Orchestra). His work has received numerous awards (including the American Independent Music Award, Best Soundtrack Cannes, Theatertreffen 2023). With his projects, as a solo artist and as a collaborator (including José Gonzáles, Apparat), he has released numerous recordings and played concerts at festivals (including Glastonbury, UK), concert halls (including the Royal Albert Hall, London) and clubs (including the Apollo Theatre, New York) around the globe.

Stage music exists outside of formats. Seemingly genre-free, music in the theatre enjoys a unique freedom that is tenderly explored with imagination and passion. This results in unconventional compositions and sounds whose emotional impact is surprisingly familiar and independent. However, as stage music is part of a Gesamtkunstwerk, it is often overlooked and not consciously heard. Distracted by the wealth of impressions, the audience completely misses the genius and emotional depth of some works and their creators. Therefore, Grammy-nominated composer/producer PC Nackt and publisher Sophia Blume (Bosworth / Edition PostgenrePublishingChristensen) are launching the record label for stage music, Naked Records.

Naked Records puts the music at the center of attention and celebrates its composers. Through the focus of an album release, the artists are invited to reshape their works with a self-image for pure listening.
In this way, audience and music can encounter each other intimately, music fans can awaken a desire for the theatre, theatregoers can experience the sensuality of the pieces they have seen in a new way. Naked Records is releasing a Deutsche Theatre Berlin trilogy for its launch. Three soundtracks of award-winning productions of Deutsches Theatre, three theatre evenings in which directors and composers have together dared to blur the boundaries between spoken theatre and concert. Works that develop a special power through this symbiosis and fascinate the audience.

What unsettling music sounds from PC Nackt’s ghost piano! It breathes, it searches, it works and suffers, it smiles and dances. It is gestural and yet mysterious. You want to grab it, but it slips away and is already lurking behind the next wave of notes. Isolated sounds search for each other, find each other, linger together, consider in which direction they should run, only to vanish again.

In “Angabe der Person”, Elfriede Jelinek takes “the final steps” as an opportunity to look at her own “life trajectory”, the “misdeeds” of her own past and the “undead” of her biography. She writes as an accused plaintiff, as a victim and as a lawyer. About herself. About Germany. In overturning cascades of rage and pain. A linguistic score of rare clarity. And with rare intuition, PC Nackt has composed a musical language that adds an almost magical dimension to that of the actors. Melancholically ironic, he quotes familiar tunes: “Winterreise” perhaps? “Kusch, Schubert, it’s not your turn now!” shouts Elfriede. Then PC dives off again and disappears into the register of restless keyboard runs. But his fragile touch resonates for an unspeakably long time. _ Jossi Wieler

Verdict: Wonderfully emotive compositions, comprised of delicate piano work with the occasional dramatic burst of energy. Without doubt a project that deserves to be experienced outside of the theatrical performance. An album that is also a reminder that way too many sublime musical arrangements are only brought to life within the confines of a plays run, never to be appreciated by a wider audience. I believe Naked Records are well aware of this and are working to make sure gems like ‘Angabe Der Person‘ are not lost forever. Encore

The perfect prelude for the label to enrich both, the theatrical and musical cosmos.

Track List:

Angabe der Person A
A1 Ohne Angabe (for Susanne)
A2 Euch (for Linn)
Angabe der Person B
B1 Nie Wieder (for Fritzi)
B2 Ihr Kriegt Mich Nie

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