Album Review: Szary – Datei (Edition DUR 17)

The Breakdown

...carefully crafted with focus on every element...

Datei” by (Sebastian) Szary curates 10 innovative and abstract reinterpretations, better call it reworks of music tracks initially presented by Moderat in their 2022 release “More D4ta” (Monkeytown Records).

This music here is far from being another remix album. During the long and intense creatve process of making “More D4ta”- Szary, Ring and Bronsert sat for hours, weeks, months on the process of writing songs, recording and mixdowns. Szary repeatedly engaged with the music, breaking it into pieces, testing different sounds, fragmenting them, observing their changes, and embracing accidental transformations along the way.

Datei” offers a snapshot of a building, capturing just one frame, one brick, or one angle. This exceptional music is released on Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus’ label Edition DUR as Number 17.

Available exclusively on vinyl and limited to 500

Verdict: Deep and rich layers are to be experienced in this submersive exploration of sound. A wonderful collection of arrangements that have been carefully crafted with focus on every element to produce immersive sound scapes that capture the imagination and emotions of the listener. From epic electronic soundscapes to heavy beats traversing through soaring synth exploration, it is a document to the fearless pursuit of pushing every detail within the music to beyond its original perception. Another fine addition to the Edition DUR series.

Track List:

A1 Land
A2 Prey
A3 Glow
A4 Edit
A5 Love
A6 Hype
B1 Bell
B2 Redo
B3 Copy
B4 Rats

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