Track: Candy Darling – Going Straight

I was introduced to Candy Darling last July and was so happy to receive Emily’s recent  email sharing their two new tunes.

With ‘Going Straight’ they have moved away from the pulsing electronica of ‘Money’, as it opens with Spector-esque drums and The Jesus and Mary Chain guitars.  There is a definate heartbreak feel to the song as Emily’s distinctive vocal sings desperate lyrics; ‘reaching out to nothing every night’ and ‘everyone needs an ocean to drown in’, declaring that tomorrow she’s going straight.

I hate to refer to ‘Waves’ as a B-side because, in my opinion,  it’s as strong as ‘Going Straight’.  It’s easy to get lost in the noise but I urge you to listen carefully to the lyrics, as they conjure up such great imagery. (‘from the pleasure palace to the confession booth’)

When the chorus hits, you can just see the storm at sea as the guitars crash around and Emily’s vocal roars.  Powerful stuff.



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