Track: Iceage – Painkiller feat. Sky Ferreira

Iceage have announced their new single ‘Pain Killer’, taken from their just-announced new album ‘Beyondless’, released May 4 on Matador. Featuring backing vocals from Sky Ferreira

‘Pain Killer’ roars to life with a blast of Bond-esque horns, galloping drums and wriggling guitars, showcasing the augmented and widescreen sonic palette found on the new album.
‘Beyondless’ is the most accomplished, crafted, and moving record Iceage have ever made, finding an assured, meticulous, yet decidedly untamed band creating the most thoughtful, dramatic and nuanced outsider rock out there. The immediately noticeable new element is the instrumentation: a newfound infusion of horns, violins, and the occasional piano. It’s an earthy and hypnotic sound that pays tribute to American music, from country honk brawls to sleazy soul revues to cocaine blues. Unexpected echoes of The Waterboys to Exile-period Stones to John Cale are laced with a ubiquitous air of ecstatic abandon and fleshed out songwriting. This has also translated into the live realm, where they’ve expanded into a 6 piece.

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