Sundance Review: On the Count of Three

Despite the amount of progress that has been made, particularly in the developed world, it’s still often considered a social taboo to talk about suicide. This is especially the case in countries which are still highly religious. We live in a world where people taking their own lives is still a far too common occurrence. However, we’re finally starting, as a society, to open up and talk about it; which can only help. On the Count of Three has its own thoughts on the matter.

Kevin (Christopher Abbott) finds himself in an institution after a failed suicide attempt. Val (Jerrod Carmichael) is a failure and has reached that point in life where he simply can’t go on. However, he could use some help ending it all, so he breaks his best friend out and the pair agree on a suicide pact. While Val wants to get things over a done with, there are a few things Kev needs to do before he goes. What could possibly go wrong?

On the Count of Three takes an outlandish premise, which could so easily have gone so wrong, and crafts and entertaining and engaging buddy movie. Much of its success can be attributed to Carmichael, who also directs with a firm and steady hand. Whilst his film is sometimes quick to violence, there’s also a seam of dark humour running through it and it’s surprisingly empathetic. On the Count of Three is a livewire and highly original crime drama.

On the Count of Three screens at Sundance.

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