With a new album on the horizon, New York City band Dirty Projectors brings us their latest track, ‘Little Bubble’.

After David Longstrerth’s work on Solange’s A Seat At The Table, the band have brought us a couple of singles, and this time a video, which accompanies the track.

A release from Domino reads:

“Social bubbles; cultural and technological bubbles; the bubbles we create and inhabit in our most intimate relationships: ‘Little Bubble’ is a very timely exploration of the double-edged sword of comfort and insularity, and the trade-offs we make choosing them.

The lush production — Rhodes electric piano, acoustic guitar, string quartet & trombone trio, and huge, intricate drums — reminds us of Longstreth’s work on Solange’s A Seat At The Table.  The production simultaneously looks backward — to Ellington as much to Stevie Wonder — and forward, to a digital singularity in which audio is just another form of data to be glitched, hacked and manipulated.”

While the new Dirty Projectors’ album remains untitled, the video for the new track can be viewed below.