Droppin’ Knowledge: O’Mega Red Shares New Video & Single – “Master”

Buffalo hip hop artist O’Mega Red has shared a new video for his single “Master.” The artist, producer and arranger, who has collaborated with KRS-One and Donna Summer, serves up a big, booming track that shows off his facile rapping. The single, produced by Panic Beats, features a thumping, beat and an eerie, looped chorus, underneath O’Mega’s authoritative flow.

O’Mega, who was born in Boston but now resides in the central New York city, possesses a compelling back story that features both a stint in the United States Navy, and in a correctional institution, the latter of which the artist says “saved his life.” He is also an actor, who has appeared in Shutter Island and Highway 420.

According to the press release announcing the single, O’Mega Red says:  “Being a master means to ‘acquire complete knowledge or skill in an accomplishment, technique, or art. I’ve been in the game for a while and went through trials and tribulations. I studied the game and mastered my craft and now it’s time to come back in the forefront to push my agenda.” 

The video for “Master” is directed by Derek Rocco. The single is released by O’Mega’s independent record label, Stay Grindin Music.

“Word to your mother…”

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