Film Review: Beast Beast

Krista and Nito

Whilst Millennials regularly come in for a proverbial good kicking when any vaguely young person does something stupid, Gen-Z are probably suffering the most at the moment. What with COVID and related school, college and university closures, a global recession and high unemployment, it must be a terribly difficult time to be young. It’s easy to laugh at Youtubers and Instagram influencers, but realistic portrayals are rare. Such as Beast Beast.

In a quiet suburban town somewhere in the south of America, three teenagers struggle to find their place in the world. Krista (Shirley Chen), a budding actor and theatre lover, takes a shine to the new kid Nito (Jose Angeles). He’s a talented skateboarder who starts hanging out with a bunch of misfits to escape an unhappy homelife. Her neighbour Will (Will Madden) is struggling to try and monetise his love of guns and find internet stardom. Their lives tragically collide.

Beast Beast takes the insecurities and anxieties of these young people and spins them into a vibrant and vivid portrait of growing up in this fragmented world. Expanding on his own short (Krista), Danny Madden’s film is, at times, uneven, but is elevated due to a breathtaking performance from Chen. The last act is where it really comes into its own, which despite some obvious plotting is largely down to her commitment. Beast Beast is a very modern coming-of-age film.

Beast Beast is released on Digital Download by Blue Finch Film Releasing on 30 April.

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