Film Review: Deliver Us from Evil

Cat and mouse thrillers often provide some of the most engrossing cinematic experiences. The battle of wits. The oscillating power struggle between two protagonists. Blurring the lines between good and evil. These elements combine to create nail-biting action. This concept has been embraced warmly in Asian cinema, with the likes of I Saw the Devil, Infernal Affairs (I & II) and Oldboy becoming big international hits. Deliver Us from Evil is another top-draw rollercoaster ride.

In-nam (Hwang Jung-min) has completed his last job and is looking forward to spending the rest of his life on a beach somewhere. When he discovers that a former girlfriend (Moon Choi) has been murdered and that he has a child who has been kidnapped, the hitman puts his plans on hold to rescue her. Heading to Bangkok, he begins the process of tracking her down, but Ray (Lee Jung-jae), the blood-brother of the murdered man is hot on his heels and bent on revenge.

Deliver Us from Evil is a relentless and bloody high-octane thriller which lands on all fronts. As you’d expect from the writer of The Chaser and The Yellow Sea, the plot of Won-Chan Hong’s film has several elements which come together seamlessly. The action is brutal and non-stop, featuring a host of well-choreographed fight scenes and chase sequences. Deliver Us from Evil is breathtakingly intense and consistently entertaining.

Deliver Us from Evil is released on digital on 4 January.

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