Film Review: Jackson

This year’s tragic decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade has set women’s rights back in America by several decades. Opening the way for evangelical Christians to try and repeal other laws that give minority groups rights, taking the country back to the dark ages. In an attempt to ram their ‘holy’ book down the throats of a nation. The USA is rapidly becoming an almost mirror image of Russia, while still professing to be the ‘land of the free’.

The supreme court decision is a culmination of years of pro-life lobbying and campaigning. They have fought and bought, through fair means and foul, to enforce their morals on a nation. The Deep South is riddled with this kind of bigotry and persecution. In Mississippi, the Jackson Women’s Health Organisation is the last abortion clinic in the state. Under threat from lawmakers and protested on a regular basis. Jackson follows three women caught up in the maelstrom.

Given the current situation in the US, Jackson has never been so relevant or important. While Masie Crow’s Emmy award-winning documentary listens to arguments on both sides, this is not really a moral or ethical argument but a medical one. Facts versus theology is hardly a valid or logical debate, but these people are brainwashed. Jackson is an impressive film which lets the facts speak for themselves.

Jackson is available to rent now.

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