Film Review: My Little Sister

Twins together

Nina Hoss is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors working in European cinema today. Most of her career has been spent performing in German films and theatre, which has meant the Stuttgart native hasn’t had the impact on the global stage her talent deserves. She’s best known for her collaborations with Christian Petzold. The pair worked together on Something to Remind Me, Wolfsburg, Yella, Jerichow, Phoenix and Barbara, earning both numerous awards. In My Little Sister she gives another assuredly nuanced performance.

Lisa (Hoss) was once a famous playwright but her creative juices have dried up and she now lives in Switzerland with her husband (Jens Albinus), a teacher, and their two children. Sven (Lars Eidinger), her twin, is a celebrated theatre actor but has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia. Lisa has returned to Berlin to donate bone marrow and help her brother’s recovery, which has led to the pair becoming close once again.

My Little Sister is a beautifully subtle work of powerful cinema. Both Hoss and Eidinger are superb, running through a whole gamut of emotions at the drop of a hat. Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond’s film focuses on the connection between the two siblings, winding that into wider themes around living your dreams. They walk a tight line at times, but the prowess of their leads ensure that My Little Sister delivers a powerful punch without ever descending into melodrama or schmaltz.

My Little Sister is released in UK cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema on 8 October.

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