Film Review: The Offering

Guilt is not easy to live with and likes to make an appearance at the most inconvenient moments. It certainly isn’t a good bedfellow if you were planning on catching any sleep anytime soon. It can quietly gnaw away at us all our lives, each and every day. What if there was something you could do about it? Make amends and clear your conscience. In The Offering one man gets a shot at redemption and will do anything to make it happen.

Jan’s (Alex Brendemühl) life has been scarred by a deep sense of guilt. Desperate to atone for his past actions he enlists Rita (Verónica Echegui), a young woman with her own troubles, to try and put things right.  Twenty years ago, he separated from Violeta (Anna Alarcón), the love of his life. She is now a psychiatrist with a family of his own, but he is determined to do anything it takes to win her back.

The Offering is unusual in a number of ways. The subject matter is very familiar, but in the hands of director Ventura Durall it is given a new lease of life. There’s an underlying element of science-fiction which linger throughout Jan’s quest, suggesting something oblique and nefarious just out of shot. The cast impress and whilst not everything works it is brimming with ideas. The Offering takes what could have been a standard drama and transforms it into an intriguing erotic thriller.

The Offering is released in cinemas, virtual cinemas and on VOD by Sovereign Film Distribution on 30 July.  

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