Film Review: The Race to Save The World

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2015, world leaders made commitments to try and slow, stop and reverse global warming. The Paris Agreement created a roadmap for the future, but many commentators believe it didn’t go far enough. Hopefully the next one, which takes glace in Glasgow this November, will agree much more ambitious targets. The climate crisis had begun to make the headlines on a regular basis before the pandemic broke out, but we need to do so much, much more.

The likes of Greta Thunberg, Sir David Attenborough and many others have done a great job of highlighting the myriad environmental challenges facing the Earth. However, there are thousands upon thousands of people, across the world, who try and make a small difference on a daily basis. Dedicating their lives, whatever the cost, and risking their freedoms for a cause they believe in. These ‘eco-warriors’ are the subject of Joe Gantz’s new documentary, The Race to Save the World.

Instead of focussing on the bigger picture or pitching this as a big campaign-led film, The Race to Save the World highlights the importance of the ‘little people’. Gantz concentrates on a small group of activists who have put making a difference ahead of any other considerations, even their families. We’re afforded a glimpse into their motivations and mindsets, marvelling at their unflinching determination. The Race to Save the World makes the case that everyone can make a small, yet important, change, and in their own way help safeguard the planet.

The Race to Save The World will be released on 22 April, Earth Day.

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