Shaun Monson’s film Earthlings was an exposé into the horrendous animal rights violations taking place in the food industry around the world. It had a point (vegans = good/non-vegans = evil). Whilst it was in many senses a propaganda film it at least highlighted an issue and made a point. Unity, his new film, is merely pretentious sloganeering and dogmatism, wrapped in cod philosophy and infant school lectures, about how non-vegans are evil and deserve to die, horribly. About how humans are mean and should find enlightenment and spurn material possessions; featuring with a voiceover read by millionaires.

A whole host of Hollywood’s finest queue up to read Monson’s script in the most interminably self-importantly and profound fashion imaginable. Most of the hundred or so do their best Batman impersonation to add gravitas to a message which is misappropriated, garbled and bastardised to suit the director’s purposes (even though some of them apparently don’t agree with what they’re saying). All set to the backdrop of shock footage of animals and humans being murdered, with a hilariously misguided emotive soundtrack.

It’s hard to say anything good whatsoever about Unity. If you enjoy being talked down to and patronised by a bunch of celebrities, then this film is for you. It’s like Monson watched the ‘Qatsi’ Trilogy and thought: “I can do that”. No you can’t. This is a history lesson written by someone for whom nuance is an unknown concept. Listen to Jennifer Aniston, Martin Sheen and Mark Strong lecture you about the Nazis in terms an 8 year old could understand. Whilst it might be an important message it sounds more like Scientology than enlightenment. Utter bullshit. Offensive and patronising bullshit at that.

Unity is out on August 12 and you can visit the cult of Nation Earth here.