Grimmfest Review: Motherly

There is a biological link between mother and child which starts in the womb and (normally) never really disappears. Indeed, the separation of birth can often be traumatic and leave a feeling akin to grief. The loss of losing something which your body has fed and nurtured for 9 months. In the natural world, mothers will fiercely defend their young against predators. The same is often the case with humans. In Motherly, this connection is taken to another level.

Kate (Lora Burke) is bringing up Beth (Tessa Kozma) on her own. It’s her daughter’s birthday and they don’t talk about the night when everything changed. During the course of which the child’s friend was viciously murdered by her father. Although she remembers nothing about it. However, their relationship is tense. Kate is overprotective and never lets Beth far from her sight. Fearing the worst will happen. That the past will return to haunt them.

Motherly is a twisting tale of motherly love and familial revenge. Held together by impressive performances from both leads, young and old, Craig David Wallace’s film keeps defying expectations. Whilst the truth is within the viewer’s grasp, you’re never quite sure where it’s going to go next. This approach affords Motherly the ability to shoot off in several directions, producing an enthralling and tense horror.

Motherly screens at Grimmfest.

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