Grimmfest Review: Night at the Eagle Inn


There’s something inherently spooky about abandoned or semi-abandoned buildings. Something strangely eerie or otherworldly. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there’s no doubt that there’s some sort of energy left behind when an occupant departs from this realm. We leave our imprint when we die, whether that’s purely in the minds of others or something more tangible. Twins search for ghosts in Night at the Eagle Inn.

Two fast-talking siblings, Sarah (Amelia Dudley) and Spencer Moss (Taylor Turner), are on a mission. They arrive at the remote and almost entirely empty Eagle Inn, to try and discover what happened to their father who disappeared from there the night they were born. They’re welcomed by the night manager (Greg Schweers) who takes them on a tour. Taking the one available room even though there seems to be no other residents.

Night at the Eagle Inn is a smart and sassy horror which wears its influences on its sleeve. Erik and Carson Bloomquist’s (Ten Minutes to Midnight) latest isn’t scared to name its inspiration and the duo take great pleasure is playing with genre conventions and cliches. This largely works due to great chemistry between leads and a tendency to never take itself too seriously. Night at the Eagle Inn is imaginative and fun low-budget filmmaking.

Night at the Eagle Inn screens at Grimmfest.

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