Say Psych: Live in San Francisco by Feral Ohms

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

When a bunch of guys from bands who have been partially responsibly for some of my favourite releases of the year get together to do a live album I’m going to take notice.

But this?


Feral Ohms are Ethan Miller (Heron Oblivion), Chris Johnson (Andy Human and the Reptoids) and Josh Haynes (Nudity) and boy do they create the sort of racket that puts an unholy smile on your face and leaves you in a state of unhallowed wonder about their sheer dirty lowdown brilliance. That this is the bands debut album is just astounding…who debuts live?

Well Feral Ohms do because they are such a tight together and sheer singularly fucking exciting band that they can pull it off and make it seem to be absolutely the right thing to do. This isn’t a long set, not many bangs for your bucks…but the bangs that are there are absolutely phenomenal combining scuzz (did I mention that) punk (The Damned variety) and psych in one lethal high velocity toxic combination that will get your pulse beating, your body jumping and knock roughly 65% off how old you feel.

After this I can hardly wait for the full length debut that’s coming out next year and I will move everything sacred and profane to go see this band live. What a trip!


Feral Ohms’ Live In San Francisco came out November 4th through Castle Face Records.


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