Live Review and Gallery: The Ronson Hangup, George Lane, Melbourne 19.04.2024

Feature Photograph: Arun Kendall

Melbourne psych-pop supergroup The Ronson Hangup – featuring members of The Anyones, Dallas Crane, The Church, Even, Paul Kelly’s band and Courtney Barnett’s band, launched their most recent single ‘SSDD (Same Shit Different Day)’ at the very Bohemian George Lane venue in the equally Bohemian St Kilda suburb of Melbourne.

The venue was intimate enough but the relaxed attitude and sheer joy of the band in action made you feel like you were ensconced in one of their lounge rooms with a glass of something cheeky in hand and having a convivial discussion with the band and their closest friends. Except the discourse included a set of extremely immersive and shimmering tracks with a stage filled with consummate musicians (and their sons popping in and out to show the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). With plenty of inter song banter and a very relaxed atmosphere, it was a cosy and entertaining evening.

The night opened with Pinkerton and Naylor playing a few sweet seventies pop covers including songs from artists as diverse as Pink Floyd, Supertramp and Barry Manilow, as well as hastily assembled but brilliantly executed instrumental tribute to Dickey Betts (Altman Bothers) who had died the previous day.

When the full band appeared, they ran through mostly songs from their recent album ‘Centaurus’ (reviewed by me here). The live performance added an illustrious glitter to the songs – Pinkerton’s vocals soared and the harmonies from the rest of the band were glorious. At times the stage was filled as Naylor and Pinkerton’s sons added their guitars to the ensemble (with one endearing moment when Naylor assisted his offspring with the ancient secret art of plugging in the guitar through the guitar strap). The sound was pristine and clear and the guitars jangled like nothing on earth.

‘SSDD’, played early in the set, sparkled while songs like ‘Mother of invention’ ‘Can’t Stop Me’ shimmered with their layered harmonies and the title track ‘Centaurus’ thundered. ‘Alive’ was an epic track live – soaring and cinematic that raised the hairs on the back of your neck.

Utterly lovely stuff from the finest musicians, songwriters and the most immersive performers.

Feature Photograph and Gallery: Arun Kendall

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