Live Review: The Road to The Great Escape – The Grand Social, Dublin 10.05.2022

The Clockworks

The Road to The Great Escape a series of live music showcases held across England cities and Dublin in various venues.
I manged to catch the second night in The Grand Social Dublin where on the bill were. Highschool / English Teacher & The Clockworks.
Opening the show fall on Melbourne band Highschool, now I think are based in London? a four piece band with no drummer playing some very nice Goth-pop announcing a new release for July and playing it as their last song Only a Dream. A New Order influence could be heard through out their 30 minute set.

Next up were English Teacher hailing from Leeds, with an impressive list of support slots under their belts these are really ones to watch, think Dublin band The Sprints, who I reckon they will give a good run for their money (yep sorry I did just write that lol)
Reading on their Instagram they have bracketed themselves as Post-lame lol which I reckon is a rebut to the fact that everything these days is being bracketed as post-punk.
The band consist of Lily Fontaine (vocals, rhythm guitar, synth), Douglas Frost (drums), Nicholas Eden (bass) and Lewis Whiting (lead guitar, synth) oooh and Lily plays a mean cowbell.

So final band of the night time. can they be called the headliners? in a showcase night were all act get to play a 30 minute set.
Anyway its The Clockworks from Galway now based in London who Alan McGee has signed to his latest label, Creation23. The four-piece band features James McGregor (vocals, guitar), Seán Connelly (guitar) and Damian Greaney (guitar), as well as Limerick City native Tom Freeman (bass) having being compared to Fontaines DC and the Murder Capital that will give you an idea of their sound as I’m not using that term again that I am becoming to hate. Lets just say! when Sean Connelly messaged Alan McGee he was reportedly to have said. We’re the punk rock version of the Streets. Finishing with announcing that they have a Whelan’s (Dublin) gig coming up soon.

Over all the night showcased three fantastic new bands to watch and check out all closely sounding similar but also different in their own ways. Well the crowd that came out on a Tuesday night left happy.

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