Track: The fabulous HighSchool is out with haunting, atmospheric new track ‘August 19’, on news of signing to [PIAS]

London-based Melbourne trio HighSchool are back with another shimmering sparkling and enigmatic track, ‘August 19’, out now through the esteemed [PIAS] with whom they recently signed. With a more organic feel than their last single, there is a ambulatory liquidity about this track with its distant louche vocals and shining and chiming guitars, confirming their position as one of the most exciting bands sparkling in the firmament.

There is an elegant romanticism in the lyrics – poetic and studied:

The love we had back then
Back when we were friends
Borrowing your pen
The teacher made you cry
He wouldn’t shake my hand
I’m glad I met you
So glad I met you

The single is accompanied by their trademark style in videos – shaky, blurry images shot in a neon lit underground world, enigmatic and atmospheric like the music itself:

‘August 19’ is out now through [PIAS] and available to stream and download here and through the link below.

HighSchool are a pleasurable collision between The Cure, The Horrors and a panoply of esteemed shoegaze bands like MBV and Slowdive, but have their own insouciance and sang froid that makes them stand out with style.

HighSchool are Lilli Trobbiani, Luke Scott & Rory Trobbiani.

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