Album Review: Ponte Pilas – Old Enough To Know Better

The Breakdown

Indie-rockers Ponte Pilas have a released their debut album, a bright selection of tracks showcasing tight instrumentation, witty lyricism and infectious melodies.

Indie-rockers Ponte Pilas have a released their debut album, a bright selection of tracks showcasing tight instrumentation, witty lyricism and infectious melodies.

Opening with a ripsawing guitar line and quickly introducing the intense indie sound the band possess, ‘Breakfast Of Champions’ quickly introduces The Strokes-esque crunchy, boxy production with the energy and ferocious delivery of The White Stripes. High Octane as the song discusses the experience of a heavy night and recovering from a hangover, the albums introduction is unapologetically fun.

‘I’ll Never Be A Cowboy’ once again once see’s the band once again lean on witty lyricism, talking about fitting it and the idea of what’s cool with some excellent, perfectly delivered lines which don’t fail to bring a smile. A more reserved sound with, swaying rhythm and spring reverb tinted guitars, the track showcases some of the bands range, a more considered approach evoking a vintage feel.

Elsewhere on the album, ‘The Truthrider’ once again captures an essence of The Strokes with tight Indie instrumentation whilst ‘Be Your Girl’ feels like a it could belong on a Jack White album as well as it could be a Rolling Stones tune.

‘Vegetable Soup’ leans further into the vintage, almost Motown sound found on ‘I’ll Never Be Cowboy’, witty and joyous with a slight serialist tint.

‘Rue Britannia’ blends OK Computer-esque guitar lines and strings with Oasis/ Manic Street Preachers songwriting. For me this is the standout, with intense vocal delivery and restless, fiercely creative and yet fun instrumentation. Swapping the comical for more biting, anger fuelled lyricism the track does lack some of the sense of ‘fun’ portrayed in other track but this is more than compensated for with the musical intensity and ferocious delivery.

Elsewhere ‘San Ignacio’ one again leans on the bands rocker side with a. gorgeous fuzzy bass sound and some 70’s influence guitar lines under the ever biting and witty vocal as the track gradually builds towards the explosive climax. ‘Better Off’ and ‘Impatient’ capture the feel good, fun indie vibes prevalent across much of the bands material with some excellent, exciting riffs which slide between sounding like early 2000’s indie and 70s rock creating an exciting and original feel, a great advert for the current resurgence of guitar indie.

The album ends on a thoughtful, understated note with ‘Berlin Is Gonna Be The Death Of Me’, a warming, retrospective track to close an album full of variety in mood and feel.

Overall, ‘Old Enough To Know Better’ does feel like an album fully throwing itself into the current resurgence of guitar indie, so much so this could be an album from that era however the 70’s rock edge and Beatles-esque swaying moments and splashings of retro give the band a unique flavour. The album freely moves between uptempo, fun tracks and more thoughtful songwriting making it an interesting and ultimately enjoyable listen which feels like a band who know their sound but are happy to move in different directions from track to track. The boxy, tight production helps add to the vintage feel of the album and also gives the release a warming charm and an edge. A solid collection of work well worth your time.

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