Live Review: Sisters of Mercy @ Manchester Academy 21.11.2023

Photos: Andi Callan

It’s always an occasion when the Sisters roll into town, and tonight is no exception. With everyone decked out in their gothic finest, you could cut the anticipation with a knife. They arrive with little fanfare and go straight into a homage of 1990 LP Vision Thing, starting with a mix up of ‘Doctor Jeep’ and ‘Detonation Boulevard’, or at least you realise they do over half way through because the volume is so low you can barely make it out even half way back in the crowd. They then power through ‘Don’t Drive on Ice’ and ‘Ribbons’, before fan favourite ‘Alice’ is laid bare. Again, the volume is still low and you’re having to strain to make out the words, and if anyone dares utter a word nearby its all you can hear, which has everyone wondering what is going on.

They continue with a set that is, in most people’s opinion, poorly chosen, the slower tracks that are not what people have come for. And while there is a lot to be said for going against the grain, it hasn’t worked here tonight and the faithful make for the exit in their droves at the halfway mark. ‘Marian’ from 1985 LP First and Last and Always redeems things a bit, with its haunting countenance and raw beauty. The volume is still low and being frustrated that I can hear more from the people around me than from the stage, I take my leave. I listen to others who are doing the same, some saying they had seen them 40 times previously and never like that, I realise I am not the only one disappointed.

Sisters of Mercy are a phenomenal band, it seems today was just not their day. It hasn’t put me off, and I’m sure their cult status is in tact.

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