Live: Sleeping With Sirens – O2 Apollo Manchester, 4.03.16

With massive steps up in venues from the last tour, Sleeping With Sirens are mastering the art of live shows. A giant drum riser, fully lit ramps and central blaring lights have joined the set since the last tour, creating sweet silhouettes of the Florida boys.

Anyone in the building who is still sceptic about ‘new’ Sleeping With Sirens sound, even though the album has had a year to settle in, is put in their place within the first three songs. Don’t Say Anything, from the get-go has a blinding light production that instantly ignites the Apollo. Kick Me, swiftly follows, it is evidently one of a few fan favourites of all the new delights on display tonight and it’s easy to see why with its easily chantable lyrics aimed at the angsty youth in the crowd. We Like It Loud feels like a throwback in some ways to an older sound, vocalist Kellin Quinn showing he can still scream like they’re on their first album tour cycle.


One thing to know about Sleeping With Sirens is their acoustic tracks are about as popular, if not more so, than their electric tracks. Scene Five: With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear shows Quinn’s high pitch ranging vocals, however his movements have him looking like a shy boy at most parts however the crowds vocals more than make up from any nerves creeping their way into the set.

Do It Now, Remember It Later and If You Can’t Hang are two of the tracks that cleanly cemented them a UK audience, after the album ‘Let’s Cheers To This’ and a spot at Slam Dunk Festival in 2013 it became more of a formality for them to hit up the bigger venues we have to offer.  Now nearly three years on from that though they’re part of the big leagues, a large step from the arenas if you will but part of the big boys none the less. Their stage show is the penultimate presentation of a band on top form and last track If You Can’t Hang showcases their ability to write accessible yet still alternative tracks and their fan base is a reflection of a band with their foot in more than one genre as they keep just getting bigger and bigger.

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