Meet: Niklas Larsson, The Man Behind The viking folk metal band Feskarn

Niklas Larssin is the man behind the folk/pagan/viking metal band Feskarn hailing from Uppsala, Sweden. After releasing his latest album Raven’s Way (read our review here) We caught up with Larsson to find out about the album, Feskarn and the future.

First of all, how are you? How are you coping with the pandemic? Any message for your fans? 

Hello, im pretty good and i have stayed away from corona, luckily. To my fans i say: hang in there, this virus will be over. Dont forget to listen to great music and have a beer or two if you like that.

The new album – Ravens Way has been out for a month now. How are you feeling about the album? Was it an easy album to write and record? How did you feel about releasing it during the pandemic?

Im glad to get so good response to it, of course there are always room for improvements, but overall im happy about it. My goal is to send out the pagan vibes, and black/deathmetal i prefer to have with a dirty sound to it rather then a hollywood sound. You have more time now in the pandemic, but of course i miss festivals and gigs that is an inspiration for me. Broken world is a hatesong for the virus, so that song is driven by the feeling to beat the virus.

What inspired you to start Feskarn nearly a decade ago? How come it is just yourself involved in the project?

I just decided to start again, my computer crashed before, thats why i been of for so long, but after i get my new studio, guitar etc i feel inspiration to make songs again. My girlfriend Sandra has been a guest singer for the Yggdrasil song and will also join for my latest song and first music video “Hasta la vista corona” that will be avalible on a stay at home festival later this year.

Are there other albums in the pipeline? Have you written any material that didn’t make this album? 

Yes, there are songs in the making right now, hopefully this time it will not be 7 years for a new release, but the new single will be out after the premiere on the metalcombatata online festival on youtube. There are some undone songs that i didnt include on the album, but mostly all was included.

We have had the pleasure of nearly a decade of music from yourself, how do you feel when looking back over the years? Do you feel like you have achieved what you set out to do with Feskarn?

 I have a lot more to give, learning new stuff everyday, and now even more mastering etc that makes the music even better.

Going back over the years, has your approach to songwriting changed? How do you go about creating a song? Do you find inspiration from outside music or do you start with a riff or melodic structure?

It mostly always started that i hear the melody in my head, and work my way of that, first in the keyboard, then the guitar etc.

I’m fast becoming fascinated by the Viking/folk music. What do you think it is that draws people to this kind of music? Do you have a particular tale/story that is a favourite? 

It has always more or less been that viking music with metal is a good combo. Im more to send out historical vibes how strong and raw the vikings were and how good mead taste. Its truly interesting, viking is a big thing in the metalworld today.

Will you be playing the album live? How do you go about taking the studio version of the tracks to a live setting?

Im thinking of to do a partly livesending yes, of course i could not doing all myself live, but i could do some live vocals etc. Could be possible to do yes. The hardest thing is the time that i dont have, but it could be something made.

Are there any bands past or present you would love to have played with or even been part of? 

To play with band like Equilibrium, Wintersun etc would be cool, i have another viking band, playing viking folk music called Voldugra, for now we only practice, but will play live later on.

Difficult to talk about future plans, but what does the future look like for yourself and the band?

For the future i will make new songs/albums, and maybe one day play live on a stage if i find people that could help to guest on the stage.

What music are you digging right now? How do you see the Swedish metal/folk scene right now, are there any particular Swedish artists you would love to see make it?

Månegarm is a cool Swedish folkmetal band, they are a huge band. And hopefully Mumincunt (friends to Feskarn) will make a new album, they struggle with hard times, but i wish them the best.

Check out the title track ‘Ravens Way’ from Feskarn’s most recent album:

Find out more via the bands Facebook

Order the album here

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