Track: Anne Reburn – ‘Everywhere And Nowhere’: a sweet country-folk sentiment homespun for you

Anne Reburn

COMIN’ atcha from the state that likes to think of itself as The Native America, Oklahoma, Anne Reburn grew up singing, dancing and playing the piano from a young age. Her music is filled with the verve and excitement that comes from such an early joy, never lost.

Her latest single drop, “Everywhere And Nowhere” describes the beauty of finding another person who feels like … home. She sings this out in a whispery voice, homespun acoustic simplicity also the perfectly profound. She comes over, in a way, like a female Micah P. Hinson – that refashioning of the classic American song.

“‘Everywhere and Nowhere’ is about quality time spent with someone you love”, Anne explains.

“You have dreams of going everywhere and doing everything with them, but you’re also perfectly content to stay in with them and go nowhere.

“When you’re with that special person, location doesn’t matter. You can be happy no matter where you are”.

Anne’s recently moved to the City of Angels, and has begun sharing the tunes she was initially too shy to. Her Facebook strapline says: “I am mediocre at many things”. Aww! That, as a musician, she is far from being – as 340,000 YouTube subscribers would also evidence.

“Everywhere and Nowhere” is out now on all digital streaming platforms, with with more music to follow throughout the year.

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