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Hull punk outfit, Three Day Millionaires, are all set for the release of their debut single ‘Behind These Eye’s‘. It’s a raucous affair that captures the flair and feeling of their live set. No strangers to the local scene we thought the timing was just right to introduce you to the lads from Hull.

So without further ado, meet Daniel from Three Day Millionaires…

BM: Who’s who? Where are you from and what do you do?

Daniel: OK, so from back to front we have Jamie keeping things together on drums. Our 2 guitarists are Adam and Nick. And the little man at the front on bass and vocals is me, Daniel. We’re all from Hull I think; Yorkshire born and bread as the saying goes.

BM: You’ve all known each other for some time – how did you come together as Three Day Millionaires?

Daniel: We’ve all known each other probably for the best part of 10 years, all through bands we’ve been in previously. Myself, and Adam have been playing in bands together since high school, more recent projects include The Living Daylights and Outspoken Silence. Same goes for Jamie and Nick (Freaks Union and Vultures in vivid Colours respectively). So this feels like a bit of collaboration, none of our old bands play or tour any more, so we all felt like we was at a bit of loose end, musically. This started as something to just keep us busy on a weekly basis, just 4 guys in a room, ‘having a bit of a jam’.

BM: Three Day Millionaires – great name, and from what I can gather has strong links to your roots…

Daniel: Something local! Hull’s trawlermen were called the Three-day Millionaires’. This was because they were only home for about three days at a time, before they went off on another fishing trip. If they had a good trip and caught lots of fish they would get their “settlings” and could walk home feeling like a millionaire!

The trawlermen had only three days to enjoy themselves and so they often treated their families to meals out, bought new things and went out to enjoy themselves at the local pub. Life at sea was extremely hard and dangerous, so Hull’s trawlermen enjoyed life to the full! This is relevant to how most of us spend our monthly wages, haha!

BM: I’ve heard people describe you as punk, heavy rock, hardcore etc. How would you describe your sound?

Daniel: That’s a tough one, haha! We’re not a band too hung up on genre, Three Day Millionaires are a heavy punk band playing music that we want. Hopefully there’s something in the set for everyone, even the older ones!  From the gigs that we’ve played so far, these seem to be the bands we get common comparisons to. Thrice, Cave In, The Bronx, Gallows, Refused just to name a few.

BM: Would you say they are the bands that have influenced you?

Daniel: Yeah, I think a lot of bands that were around in the late 90s early 00s bands like Deftones, The Bronx, Refused etc. These bands came out producing this wall of sound that no one had ever heard before. The cross over in styles is brilliant, certainly something that we’re trying to incorporate into our music

BM: You’ve all been in a number of bands before – did that have any impact on you when you first got together?

Daniel: We got together probably around February 2014, it felt great. We’d all been out the game for at least a year, so to get back behind some equipment and smash out some songs was great for all of us. One practice lead to two and two lead to a weekly booking, so it was good to have something to look forward to during a 40 hour week.

BM: How did the first gig go?

Daniel: Our first gig was Humber Street Sesh, August last year, which was a massive honor for us. It’s a yearly festival in Hull which has around 5 stages (almost like our own Reading and Leeds). The attendance last year was around 25,000 which is great for the city and everyone involved. We played one of two metal stages there. It felt great, we played to a great crowd considering it tipped it down for most of the afternoon. After the set I remember we all had that moment where we knew we was on to something, and couldn’t wait for the next gig opportunity.

BM: You do have quite a rep for your live sets – how would you describe a Three Day Millionaire gig?

Daniel: Hard to say because we’re on the wrong side of the stage! I’d say that we put a lot of energy into our set, but you’d expect that given the style of music.

BM: Your single ‘Behind These Eyes’ is due for release in a few days time (8th June) – what’s the story?

Daniel: I’m pretty certain it was one of the first songs we wrote. We all take collective credit for the songs, that epic intro riff that you’re greeted with was one of the first riffs that Nick wrote for the band and we knew straight away that we had to use it. Lyrically the song is about lack of sleep, which comes from lack of self belief. Sometimes you look at yourself in a band playing to 30 people a night thinking ‘what the f**k am I doing?’ With the world of social media used as a bragging box, a lot of people are now travelling and doing great exciting things with their lives. We’re still chasing the dream haha!

BM: Did you record it locally?

Daniel: Yes, we recorded with Stewart Baxter at The Warren which was great fun, Stew is someone who has a pair of ears that we trust so the whole process was a lot of fun for us as this is our debut release. We managed to record six songs over the course of two days and then Dan went in and recorded vocals a week later. The song was mixed and mastered with Mikey Scott at Fruit Trade Music. Mikey records a lot of artists in and around the area and his work is top notch, he made it sound massive.

BM: How do you approach writing songs?

Daniel: Usually one of us will have a riff kicking about, sometimes we’ll just have a section written which may turn into the chorus or an intro and we’ll write the songs around that. A lot of the time we just write section by section and then the vocals are usually the last piece of jigsaw. We’ll probably jam the song for at least a few weeks before Dan will even touch the vocals.

BM: You’ve got the EP launch soon…

Daniel: Friday, 24th July at Haworth in Hull. So come and have a party!

BM: You’re obviously proud of where you come from and have been part of the music scene in Hull for quite some time, any bands in particular you think we should be looking out for?

Daniel: There’s a lot of bands from Hull at the moment who are really impressing. Liberate Mae and Less Deceived recently supported Funeral For a Friend. A band we recently played with from Lincoln called Bad Ideas are well worth checking out!

BM: So, whats next for Three Day Millionaire?

Daniel: Follow up our EP release with more recordings, hopefully get on some festivals and get on that open road!



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