Comic: Monsters of Rock by Sally-Anne Hickman

blogSome time ago I proudly announced to Jim that I was also going to write a bit about comics and graphic novels. Since then I have done absolutely nothing on either. With the approaching promise of a family holiday, however, I took a trip to London’s two greatest comics stores to see what was on offer. Well, Gosh! and Orbital came up with the goods, and this is going to be the first of four entries resulting from those visits.

Now, there’s no superheroes on offer here, no Marvel or DC. Instead, Sally’s comic (intended for all ages and already a firm bedtime favourite around here) instead introduces us to some semi-familiar faces: Fuzzy Osbourne, Dave Troll (currently the favourite cos he has three arms), Dreddie van Halen, Beast Springsteen and Captain Beatshard.

The comic follows the band through rehearsal, where they’re practising Steppenwolf’s “Born to be wild” (something that is expected to be sung out, rather than read) before their drummer spontaneously combusts and they have to recruit a new member. Cue Captain Beatshard with his musically enhanced body parts, albeit after a few other misfit applicants. The drawing is clear and consistent, the colours bright and cheerful, and the story easy to follow, and a good one for a music-mad Dad to be in charge of delivering. It has been a massive hit – asked back for repeat performances throughout the holiday – and you can’t ask for more than that.

Sally’s an independent comics artist/writer (and you’ll some more of her work soon) and you can read more about her and her work here. You can also buy some of her comics through the sight – any of our readers out there with families, this is definitely a good way of bringing some of what you love into bedtime.

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