Discover: Baby In Vain.

Denmark, home of Vikings, bacon and, allegedly, the happiest people in the world. It’s also the stomping ground of all-female rock trio, ‘Baby In Vain’.

Since forming in 2010, Benedicte (flastøøb), Lola, and Andrea, have impressed fans and critics alike, gaining a reputation for staging some pretty high energy live shows, which have been known to end with the entire audience on stage.

‘Baby In Vain’ are getting ready for their first US release, ‘Corny #1’, just in time for an appearance at the Frost festival in Copenhagen. Following that they’ll be heading across the pond for a date in NYC before playing at the acclaimed SXSW in March.

‘Corny #1’ kicks off sounding like the start of a bar brawl in a spaghetti western. The chaotic guitars and loose vocals are drawn into the melee by pounding back drum beat that leaves you feeling slightly bruised but content. Raw. Just how good garage rock should be.

Baby In Vain are:

Benedicte (flastøøb), Lola, and Andrea

You can catch Baby In Vain at the following;

February 25 Frost Festival, Copenhagen
March 7 Pianos, New York City
March 11-16 South by Southwest Austin, TX
May 8 Women Of The World Festival, Frankfurt
May 8-10 The Great Escape, Brighton
May 15 & 16 Store Vega w/ Psyched Up Janis, Copenhagen
June 13-15 Northside Festival, Århus
July 17-19 G! Festival, Faroe Islands
July 25-26 Måkeskrik Festival, Kristiansand
August 22-23 Gutter Island Garage Rock Festival, Denmark

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